Visa/ MasterCard

Credit cards are used more and more, which is logical: they are secure, fraud resistant and increase purchasing power. For you too there are several associated benefits. See for your self:

You increase your turnover

  • Clients are inclined to buy up to 50% more because the amount does not immediately appear on their account.
  • Credit card payments are comfortable and secure: clients are happy to come back to you.
  • Credit cards are an international means of payment: you certainly attract more foreign clients.
  • The money appears on your account within 2 working days.

Your transactions are secure

  • Your transactions are ultra-secure and fraud-resistant thanks to the use of the chip.
  • You have less cash on the premises.
  • You run less risk of cash discrepancies.

You reduce your daily administration

  • There is less cash in circulation in your business and with your employees.
  • You have to go to the bank less often.
  • You receive a made-to-measure report, showing the trends in turnover and card use.
  • You get professional support from our staff on 02 727 88 55. 

Do you want to accept credit cards?

If so, contact us today on 02 727 70 00.

In the case of activation of a new Banksys terminal we normally do this during installation. Activation of a terminal that is already installed is done remotely in most cases.

Enable your clients to pay by card, even remotely

Do you sell remotely or do you have a web shop? In such cases, you can also enable your clients to pay by credit card! 

  • You can send a connection request to Atos Worldline, Connection service, Haachtsesteenweg 1442, 1130 Brussels. 
  • As soon as we receive the documents, we will deal with your request.
  • After approval of your file, one of our employees will visit you to set up the contract.